Safeguarding Policy

Role of the Club Children’s Officer

If you have a concern about being treated badly or bullied by anyone in the club, either in person or online please let your parents or coaches know and they will inform one of the Club Children’s Officers who will take appropriate action.

Club Children’s Officer:                       

Neasa Murnaghan
Email Clonard Childrens Officer

Deputy Children’s Officer: 

Anne Crosbie
Email Clonard Childrens Officer

Download Swim Irelands Policy – Recognising and Reporting Child Abuse Policy

The club also adheres to the following Swim Ireland Policies.

Complaints and Disciplinary

Full Procedures

Inclusion policy 

Age and Gender Policy

Swim Ireland Diversion and Inclusion Policy

Contact Clonard Secretary: Email Clonard Club Secretary

Contact Clonard Registration: Email Clonard Club Registration

Volunteering With the Club

Clubs cannot function without volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer to help within the club in any role which involves contact with children, you’ll need to complete Access NI Vetting.  The process for requesting Access NI is explained in the Swim Ulster Website, which can be viewed using the link below:

Swim Ulster Club Transfer – Access NI detail

Access NI Vetting is needed to enable you train as a Team Manager, Coach or Club Children’s Officer.  You will also need to complete an appropriate level of Swim Ireland Safeguarding Course.  These courses can be accessed using the Swim Ireland link below:

Swim Ireland Education

Swim Ireland Education Courses

Who Are We?


Chairman: Henry Johnston

Acting Temporary Chair: Paul Murnaghan

Secretary:  Niall Johnston

Registration Secretary: Joanne Mervyn

Treasurer:  Johnny Quinn

Head Coach:  Peter Cusick

Club Children’s Officer: Neasa Murnaghan

Covid-19 Officer: Enda McElherron

Club Captain: Gareth Bowden

Website/Comms: Gavin McKechnie

Fund Raising: Kevin Hughes

Grant Applications:     Martin McSherry

Coaching Team

Head Coach: Peter Cusick

Senior Team: Peter Cusick & Paul Murnaghan

U7 Coaches: Kevin Hughes & Mark O’Hare

U9 Coaches: Johnny Quinn & Ian McComish

U11 Coaches: John Heatherington & Ian McComish 

U13 Mixed Coaches: Brian Morrissey & Nick McDowell

U15 Boys Coaches: Brian Morrissey & Nick McDowell

U17 Boys Coaches: Niall Johnston & Martin McSherry

U19 Boys Coaches: Gareth Bowden & Paul Murnaghan

Girls’ Coaches: Mark Murnaghan & Peter Cusick

Download:- Clonard Policies and Contact Details